I worked in Orthopedic device sales for ten years​ ​with Zimmer and Stryker and ​we had countless speakers at sales meetings ​including Pat Riley, Larry Winget, and others. You are ​definitely ​one of the top three speakers I’ve ever seen present!

The volumes and intelligence to which you speak have the most forward thinking ideas I have heard ​from anyone. I feel it is crucial for us as a company to play in these high level arenas for sustained success. So for what it’s worth ​,​THANK YOU! Truly inspirational, my man, and truly appreciated!

– Ryan Hart, Sales Leader

Wow! Dr. Luke’s presentation was not only one of the most informative presentations I have ever seen on the health system of the future, but entertaining as well. He utilizes stories to illustrate and help visualize the real-life experiences that foreshadow what to expect in the future.

– Jerry Driscoll, MSN, CRNP, GNP-BC, Primary HomeCare, Nurse Practicioner House Calls since 2000

Josh Luke is the Tony Robbins of health care! His presentation was equally inspiring, educational and informative. If you want a peak into what the health system of the future looks like and how to position your organization, his presentation is a must see!

– Sadaf Salout, Healthcare Executive

When I was in search of an outstanding speaker on Population Management for our Healthcare Round Table, I asked the Regional Administrator for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for his recommendation. And he said, “Call Josh Luke. He’s the best speaker out there teaching people how to prepare for the changes ahead.

– Mimi Grant, Adaptive Business Leaders, President

Josh’s presentation gives every hospital CEO reason to pause and consider if there are opportunities to generate revenue in the post acute space in their own market. I am intrigued with Josh’s presentation related to revenue stream generation.

– S. Sean Fowler, Marina Del Rey Hospital, President & Chief Executive Officer

There is a hunger for proven strategies that generate new revenue streams for hospitals and Dr. Luke filled that void as he was the most well-received speaker we have ever had on that topic. While many hospitals and health systems are being pressured to launch expensive post acute and transitional care services, Dr. Luke appears to be the one person out there sharing proven Best Practices in creating new programs that generate revenue for the hospital in this non-traditional post acute and transitional care space.

– Jessica Holder, Marcus Evans Ltd., Senior Summit Producer and Healthcare Sector Manager

Dear Josh, thanks for what you presented at the NTOCC summit yesterday. You were clearly the star of the summit. I share that not because it’s nice for you to hear, but because I think it really impacted and energized people to continue to fight-the-fight. I tried to introduce myself a couple of times during the day but you were too popular. Thanks again! Best!

– Ken Accardi, Ankota LLC, Founder

Thank you Josh, it was a pleasure to meet you and your team. The National Readmission Summit in Las Vegas was outstanding, probably the best one I have been to in Las Vegas.

– Ellen Aliberti, HealthCare Partners Nevada

Dr. Luke, is a crusader nationally to solve the monumental task of coordinating care that lies ahead of us. Dr. Luke has an engaging presentation style; he is not afraid to call out the elephant in the room, pushing people to face that which is less than comfortable. His presentation was informational, inspiring, challenging and empowering to those present who wish to make a difference.

– Susan L Cordts, Catalytic Health Partners, President/CEO

Dr. Josh Luke articulates a clear plan with specific goals and objectives that deals with how acute care hospitals can now create new and profitable post-acute service lines that will significantly increase revenue for their facilities. Dr. Luke supports his candid discussion with a presentation of major case studies and evidence-backed data that justifies each of his major points. All healthcare executives must see Dr. Luke’s presentation to fully understand where the future of health care is moving.

– R. Michael Hartman, College Hospital Long Beach. Chief Operating Officer

Thanks Josh. You did a great job pulling this together. All the presentations that I was able to see were great. Your presentation was especially right on and very dynamic. Thanks for having me on the panel.

– Eileen M. Haley, MSN, RN, CNS, Manager, Transitions of Care Program Development, UC San Diego Health System